Stand mounted meat mixers IMP 301

Our range of mixers is designed for mixing various types of meat and can be adapted to the widest range of production requirements.

The mixers have a capacity ranging from 30 to 150 kg and are available in one-blade or two-blade versions.

Their small size and their structure made entirely of stainless steel make these mixers the ideal solution for small and medium production where space is limited./p>

The safety devices have been designed with great care and fully comply with EC regulations. Low voltage controls and emergency microswitches on the tank cover are fitted as standard.

Cutting-edge technical solutions are designed to make the various processing stages easier, such as the tipping of the tank for emptying at the end of processing, the impulse switch to reverse the direction of rotation in order to achieve a better result, the removable blades for easy cleaning at the end of processing.



Capacita’ d’impasto Min. / Working capacity Min. Capacita’ de Melange Min. / Мин. производит. смешивания фарша 8 – 10 kg
Capacita’ d’impasto Max. / Working capacity Max. Capacita’ de Melange Max. / Макс. производит. смешивания фарша 30 kg
Motore / Motor / Moteur / Двигатель V 230 400/3/50 Hz V 230/1/50 Hz
Potenza / Power / Puissance / Мощность hp 1 kW 0.75
Peso / Weight / Poids / Вес 40 kg
Dimensione / Dimension / Dimensions / Размеры 36x72x57 cm
Optional / Optional /Optionnels / По специальному заказу carrello / trolley / charict / тележка
Giri al minuto del motore / Motor rotation speed / Vitesse de rotation du moteur / Скорость вращения двигателя 1400 rpm
Velocita rotazione pale minuto / Blade rotation speed / Vitesse de rotation de pales / Скорость вращения лезвия 23 rpm
Dimensioni vasca / Tank Dimensions / Dimensions de la cuve / Размеры бака 39x30x39 cm
Optional / Optional / Optionnels / По специальному заказу carrello / trolley / chariot / тележка
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